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Overhead Glass Installation

Overhead glass like commercial roof skylights and glass canopies are sought-after features in many commercial buildings. Skylights and canopies let the natural light to positively impact commercial spaces for all who use them.

Commercial Roof Skylights

Is your office space feeling a bit gloomy? Consider adding a roof skylight to brighten it. A skylight (a window set in your roof at the same angle as the ceiling) will make your space feel larger, more inviting, and comfortable. Natural light is known to help improve health and productivity, giving your employees that boost that they may need. When roof skylights are installed in office spaces and public environments like hospitals and shopping malls, people using the spaces are happier, healthier, and more productive. Even shoppers want to shop longer in malls with skylights!

Skylights are strong and long-lasting when installed correctly, and they help decrease a building’s carbon footprint. If you’re ready to change your space with the addition of a skylight, contact us to discuss your vision. Our team is eager to help you achieve a custom skylight look you desire. The sky really is the limit when it comes to these windows; commercial skylights come in a variety of styles and sizes.

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Glass Canopies

Glass canopies are an attractive way to protect your building’s outdoor spaces and the people using them. Canopies keep the weather away and let the natural light in. Used to cover entryways, walkways, doorways, decks, patios or pool areas, and more, canopies are a modern and practical feature for your commercial building.

Are you experiencing frequent canopy breakage from Mother Nature’s elements or due to human error (e.g. dropping items on the canopy)? Extreme Glass Ltd. has a solution for you — we’ll apply Lexan on top of your glass canopy to help protect it. While the Lexan can be a large upfront investment, it will save you thousands of dollars in canopy repair or replacement costs.
The expert team at Extreme Glass Ltd. is eager to help fit your building for a canopy or Lexan to cover an existing canopy. We can offer suggestions regarding shape, size and style that will work, and look, best for your particular space.
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