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LLumar Window Film

Extreme Glass Ltd. professionally installs LLumar products. LLumar is the world’s best-selling brand of glass treatment films with a complete line of commercial and residential window film, including: safety/security, anti-graffiti, heat reduction, and decorative films.

Applications of LLumar high-performance window film greatly enhance the look, functionality, comfort, and energy efficiency of your windows.

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Safety Glass

Extreme Glass Ltd. installs all types of safety glass (glass that is glazed with products that meet a certain building code). Safety  glass is designed in different ways for different functions. Types of safety glazing include:

Tempered safety glass — The most popular and cost effective type of safety glazing. It is a heat-strengthened glass and up to 12 times stronger than annealed glass. When it does break, it shatters into thousands of small pieces preventing injuries from occurring.

Laminated glass — This type is made of two lites of glass with a plastic layer in between. When one of the outer lites is broken, the plastic layer prevents large jagged pieces of glass from falling and causing major injury. It also slows down an intruder who might be trying to enter a building.

Acrylic and plastics — These less expensive acrylics will yellow and scratch over time, but they are much harder to break. When broken, they will not cause serious injury. Lexan, a polycarbonate resin thermoplastic, has the same visual clarity of glass with the structural integrity of heavy-duty plastics. It is scratch-resistant and nearly unbreakable.

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